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The UCI Regulations will be considered as the reference for all regulations governing the specified disciplines of bicycle racing.The present UCI Regulations and the CC Companion Guide shall be applicable to all types of specified cycling races.

Where necessary the UCI regulations have been revised to accommodate various National Regulations pertinent to Canada. These amendments appear in this CC Companion Guide. The National Regulations are preceded by the letter (N) in italics

Companion Guide 2018

UCI Regulations

The National / International commissaire

?An Expert Serving Cycling


A National / UCI International Commissaire ensures that international cycling races are held in the best possible conditions. He fulfils the role of CCA / UCI ambassador for races being held under its auspices.

A UCI International Commissaire ensures the smooth running of cycling races in ethical and sporting terms by ensuring that National / UCI rules are uniformly applied before, during and after the race.

Since some of the aspects of his function go beyond the framework of the rules, ?national / International Commissaire must be able to command respect in any situation. He must also be capable of playing the role of mediator between all those involved in cycling.

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