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Let’s Ride

Here is some information regarding delivering a Cycling Canada Cyclisme Community Cycling- Initiation program to cyclists. ?This is a coaching course that is designed for coaches who will be working with youth at the community level.

Program Objectives

  • Ensure participants have a fun, safe, stage-appropriate experience that makes them want to come back.
  • Help to develop basic cycling skills which are transferable to all cycling disciplines, and which can be done on any kind of bicycle.
  • Introduce participants to the idea of competition and show them the competition pathway if they want to become more involved.


  • Target participants are novice, pre-competitive cyclists at the community level.
  • These athletes will likely be in the FUNdamentals to early Train to Train stages of long-term athlete development (LTAD), or around ages 6-12. Older or adult participants are also welcome.
  • We expect these participants to be able to ride a bicycle, be interested in improving their skills, and open to trying a competitive experience. A skills assessment is built into the first session.
  • In order to maintain the appropriate coach to participant ratio for effective skills development, the maximum registration is 8 participants per coach.

Lesson Plans and Schedule

  • A set of 8 Lesson Plans is provided. These are the template for program delivery, although they may be modified by coach-instructors as needed.
  • These Lesson Plans are based on a schedule of 8 sessions each lasting 90 minutes.
  • The program could therefore be offered as a 90 minute session for 8 consecutive days, or as 2 sessions per day for 4 days. These could be consecutive days or one or more days per week for a number of weeks. Important considerations are physical and mental fatigue (no more than 2 sessions/day should be offered) and retention of skills (it is not advised to offer the course as one session/week for 8 weeks, since participants may forget the skills between sessions).

Venue and Equipment

  • The program is designed to be delivered in a safe confined environment such as a grass sport field or a closed parking lot (with no cars present). Access to a small hill is ideal but not required. This program is not designed to be delivered on trails.
  • Participants must bring a bicycle in good working order, a safe helmet, and water. Recommended items include a pump and spare tube, and basic tools.
  • The coach needs the same cycling equipment (the coach will demonstrate skills) as well as a kit of cones and obstacles. A course equipment list is found in this document.

Training Description for Coaches

Let’s Ride! Community Cycling- Initiation (CCI) is the NCCP context for coaches who will primarily work with novice, pre-competitive cyclists at the community level, including participants in the Active Start, FUNdamentals and early Learn to Train stages of athlete development.

The program is simple, based on a number of pre-designed lesson plans, and adaptable to the varying skill and ability levels of participants. The focus of the program is on having participants develop skills which are basic to MTB, BMX, and Road, in a controlled, off-road, off-trail setting such as a sport field or parking lot.

CCI training has two parts – the “Let’s Ride!” CCI workshop (5 hrs), and a Basic Cycling Skills workshop (8 hrs). The first workshop provides information on ethical coaching, participants and their needs, basic practice planning, equipment and other important information for coaches of beginner cyclists. The second workshop provides an opportunity for “on-bike” practice in skill teaching and analysis, practice coaching and use of provided lesson plans.

For more information:

Mathieu Boucher
Director, Development
mathieu.boucher@ app cá độ bóng đá
(613) 248-1353 ext: 2607

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