Mountain Bike

A closer look at mountain bike


Cross-Country is a mass start event which takes place on a circuit of 6 km or more, or from one point to another. Depending on the age category, a race takes between 1 to 2 ? hours to complete. Courses feature a mix of uphill and downhill terrain with technical sections that range from a single track to more wide-open spaces. The winner is the first to cross the finish line.


Individual timed competition that takes place between a starting line and a finish line located at a lower altitude. Courses vary in length from 3 – 8 km and racers can reach speeds of up to 85 kilometers an hour. Besides nerves of steel, riders need to have technical skill and control, quick reflexes and intense concentration.


Timed competition in which the finish line is located at higher altitude than the start line. It can be an individual or a mass start.


A dual is a competition where the cyclist must maneuver the bike around a series of gates. Similar to the dual slalom format used in alpine skiing, the fastest time wins.


Competition in which the rider navigates a marked obstacle course without touching the ground or going off the course. Good balance, technique and concentration are mandatory.


It is similar to the cross-country event with the same mass start but takes place on a shorter loop. A fast and spectacular event, it combines elements of the other mountain bike events and may include hill climbing, downhill racing and sprints.


This is a multi-leg event in which the overall winner is the rider with the lowest total time for all the stages. Three major stage races are scheduled in the year on the international calendar they last from 4 to 8 days.

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