Development Programs
LTAD Implementation

LTAD has implications for the transformation of key aspects of cycling’s sport system. Cycling’s Long-Term Athlete Development touched upon 17 key LTAD initiatives to improve cycling in Canada. These initiatives, endorsed by?Cycling Canada Cyclisme?Board of Directors, are a framework for improvement in five key areas of our sport environment: Organizations, Competitions, Facilities, Coaching, and Leaders.

Our greatest challenge in developing Canadian cycling is not lack of technical ability, nor even lack of resources. It is the challenge of mobilizing all stakeholders in and around the cycling community to work together toward defined goals. Cycling Canada Cyclisme, cycling PSOs, hundreds of cycling clubs, sport leaders including coaches and officials, industry partners, multi-sport organizations and governments, and individual cyclists need to contribute to our future. The 17 strategic initiatives represent the recommendations of the Cycling Canada Cyclisme for change; we must work together to achieve progress.

17 Strategic Initiatives

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