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Cycling LTAD’s

LTAD is more than a model – it is a system and philosophy of sport development. LTAD is athlete centered, coach-driven, and administration-supported. Since athlete and participant development is at the core of the Cycling Canada Cyclisme mission, LTAD is key to everything we do, whatever our role or level within the cycling system.

Long Term Athlete Development Model?

NEW -Mountain Bike specific LTAD

This document is a guide to MTB based on principles of Long-Term Athlete Development, and informed by our work on Gold Medal Profile for MTB. Along with all Canadian sport organizations, Cycling Canada has adopted the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model as its framework for athlete and sport development. LTAD is based on sport science research combined with the practical experience of working with thousands of athletes and coaches to develop a comprehensive set of principles for effective athlete development


Para-Cycling specific LTAD
This document is focused on the particular needs of athletes with a impairment in cycling. It is intended to be used alongside the Cycling Canada Cyclisme LTAD Guide, as well as the LTAD publication No Accidental Champions. It is a guide for coaches, athletes, parents and sport leaders to welcoming Para-cyclists to the sport and to providing LTAD-based programs from entry to Active for Life stages. Our goal is not simply to help Canadian Para-cyclists to be the best in the world, but to ensure that every athlete with an impairment can enjoy participation in cycling for a lifetime.

Para-Cycling specific Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)?(PDF 2 MB)

Para-Cycling Event Integration document
Integrating athletes with a disability into an event at the provincial or club level requires a little forethought and planning. This document complements the Para-cycling LTAD.

Para-Cycling Event Integration(1MB)

BMX specific LTAD
BMX is really two sports. For young riders, up to about 12 years old, BMX racing is fun, fast and competitive. Winning races may seem important, but what really counts is fun, friendship, developing skills, and learning the lessons of sport. By participating in BMX as one of many sports, the rider develops physical literacy, the basic movement and sport skills which are the foundation of athleticism. Winning in this BMX means building great skills, remaining physically active, and developing a life-long love of cycling and sport. We call this “BMX for Fun and Skill”

BMX specific Long Term Athlete Development Model?(2.5 MB)
BMX specific LTAD -Brochure?(5 MB)

Track specific LTAD
Track cycling can be a part of a cyclist’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD). We see three main opportunities: Track for Development, Track for Performance and Track for life. This document is a guide to success in track cycling, it is based on sport science research combined with with practical experience of working with thousands of athletes and coaches.

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