Cycling Canada


Cycling Canada exists to pursue world class results by leading high performance programs and enabling the development of athletes.



Canada is a leading cycling nation, consistently celebrating international competitive success.



Pursuit of Excellence

  • Whether it’s defined as success in international competition or the setting of a new personal standard – is a worthy goal, and its pursuit – whether it’s by an athlete, coach,??? official?or?administrator – warrants support and recognition.

Character Development

  • Cycling teaches that success – at any age and at any level – is based on self-motivation, dedication, discipline and teamwork: a lesson that benefits cyclists throughout their lives.


  • In cycling, as in life, diversity should be respected: cycling is a sport for all.


  • Integrity, honesty and respect for fair play provide the foundation on which the sport of cycling is built in Canada.

Lifestyle and Health

  • Cycling is a sport for life; it contributes to physical and mental well-being, and provides lifelong opportunities for competition, fitness, recreation and simple participation.


  • The ongoing success of Canadian cycling depends on valued volunteers who give freely of their time, experience and expertise.


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