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Commissaire Merchandise

Commissaire Clothing

Cycling Canada decided to refresh the Commissaires clothing!

All clothing items will be available on Mark’s Equipment website https://imagewear.quniform.net/. To get your Username and password please comtact?Elizabeth.Kiraly@ app cá độ bóng đá www.bruinsplayerjerseys.com

Something NEW!!!

We now have shirt with badges (4);

(1)Commissaire (This shirt is the regular shirt that all commissaires can wear anytime).

(2)National Commissaire

(3)Elite National Commissaire

(4)International Commissaire

Each category (level of commissaire) have one of the specific designation under the patch. You can purchase a Commissaire shirt (without the specific badge identification) and wear it at all events (badge number 1).

Commissaire Security Vest

This year we will be changing the style of the Commissaire vests.? They will be more functional and useful in competition.? After discussing our ordering options with the manufacturers, we’ve established the easiest way to order the vests is if each commissaire orders their vests directly from the company online.? This will mean that there is no order deadline, you can order whenever you would like, and it is not mandatory. ?It is an American company, so the costs are all in American dollars and it should take approximately two weeks to arrive.? Please find the link to the vest options is below.



Style: We recommend vest M96, however if you would like additional features you can select any of the “referee” vests

Required Options:

Colour: Royal Blue/white reflective tape

Name Tag: Reflective


Front pocket: Radio holder

Other: Please feel free to customize your vest any other way you would like, you can choose options such as zippered pockets and a hydration sleeve.? There may be additional charges for these options.

*Please note that the vest is not a requirement. ?If you find a similar style at another store/website that you prefer, as long as the vest is blue,?feel free to purchase from there.

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